Who should participate?

Although we look to favor diversity in academic backgrounds as we accept applicants and create teams, all applicants will be expected to meet certain requirements (meeting the prerequisites and programming skill requirements).

  • Students looking for undergraduate level research experience.
  • Students looking to gain research experience with the support and guidance of experts from the field.
  • Students interested in learning more about how to communicate with and conduct research for a client.
  • Students looking to expand their horizons by working with an international team of researchers and students from distinct cultures and backgrounds.
  • Students who are interested in studying with MSSG & CIMAT.
  • Students who have participated in MSSG programming and would like to engage with doctoral students and researchers in a different format.

Successful applicants will be currently enrolled in a higher education institution, pursuing a major that includes components involving:

Data Science,
or Computer Science.

The student will have studied: 

Linear algebra,
differential, integral and multivariate calculus,
Python (or C++ or similar programming language experience) 1+ courses, 
Probability & Statistics,
and Discrete Mathematics. 

The student should be familiar with:

  • Vector spaces, bases, dimensions, matrices, linear applications, determinants, and kernels.
  • The notions of limits, integration, derivatives, and series. 
  • Elementary probability theory, combinatorial calculations, discrete and continuous probability density functions and expectation for random variables.