An innovative program where students can experience the process and collaboration involved in research applied to real world problems.

Program Overview:

Over the course of two weeks students will be guided through the process of solving data science-related problems provided by an outside source (industrial, financial business, government/social sector or academic partner). The learning process will be divided between coursework and project-based learning that will build the necessary skills for the problem(s) that will be presented, as well as develop an understanding of best practices for working with and conducting research for industrial vs. academic sources.

Students will participate in on-line classes, meetings with the partner organization (client), and in collaborative problem-solving sessions led by a mentor from CIMAT and supported by our researchers. Each group will be expected to communicate their findings to their peers and professors as well as present the solution to the client.


Application Period: Monday, February 15th to Friday, April 16th 2021

Two-week Workshop:
Monday, June 14th, 2021 to
Friday, June 25th, 2021

Non-credit option:

Cost: $80 admission fee
Certificate of completion
Written and verbal feedback on final proposal from MSSG staff
Directory of contacts: Including contact information of all the participating students, faculty and industry partners.

For-Credit option:

Cost: $80 admission fee + $450 course fee
CIMAT will emit a transcript detailing the completion of the program, awarding the corresponding grade. The workshop upon completion will be equivalent to approximately 42 contact hours. CIMAT will award the transcript considering the project as one academic unit.
Students that wish to receive a grade and academic credit for participation will need to pay the difference of $450 to MSSG via Paypal.

Institutional Discount - Group cost:

Cost: $ 160 admission fee
By joining as a group you will need to register three student participants and one faculty member. Groups can be created with students from one university or can be based on connection through other academic organizations. Each individual must meet the requirements to participate.

More information about faculty member participation: Group leaders are doctoral students or professors who will join the support student-based teams during their week of research. They are welcome to participate in the coursework portion of the event and will be welcome in all sessions.